TDR Capital IV acquires BPP Holdings

06 Jul 2021

We are pleased to announce that TDR Capital IV has completed the acquisition of BPP Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary of Vanta Education Holdings Ltd.

BPP is a leading UK-based provider in the professional and vocational higher education market providing training and qualifications in a diverse range of professional verticals including law, accountancy & tax, business & finance, digital & data analytics, actuarial and nursing both to corporates and directly to consumers. It is one of only three private universities in the UK and the only one with indefinite degree awarding powers. BPP enjoys strong and long-standing corporate client relationships, including eight out of the ten largest law, accounting, insurance and finance firms. The company is also one of the largest and broadest providers of apprenticeship programmes in the UK.

BPP is led by a strong management team who have delivered impressive growth over the last three years and successfully managed the transition to online delivery during the pandemic. We believe that in addition to its high-quality existing revenue streams, the company is well-positioned to benefit from the increasing use of technology in education making the business highly scalable and enabling the shift to more modular and personalised degrees and training courses

Learn more about our investment in BPP.

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