Transforming a “corporate orphan”
Leading worldwide fleet management and driver mobility company, with operations in 32 countries and a fleet of over 1.8 million vehicles under management

Headquartered in the Netherlands and founded in 1963, LeasePlan Corporation is the world’s leading fleet management and driver mobility company.

LeasePlan provides subscription-based mobility solutions with integrated services, offering corporates, SMEs, private individuals and mobility providers a complete end-to-end service (purchasing, funding and managing new vehicles) for typical contract durations of three to four years.

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  • Status: Unrealised
  • Deal Type: Private Sale
  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Initial Investment Date: March 2016
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Leaseplan timeline

Since TDR’s investment

  • Rapid implementation of a more centralised organisation to streamline decision-making and promote best practice sharing across divisions and geographies
  • New commercial initiatives and a new mobility strategy launched, to take advantage of changing market dynamics, driven by a shift from car ownership to car-as-a-service
  • Launched – an online B2C marketplace for high-quality used cars in Europe. CarNext was carved out from LeasePlan in July 2021 and merged with Constellation Automotive
Serviced Fleet
Countries of Operation

If you’re in business to do business then you should work with TDR. Working with TDR has been a real gift. Not ever did I get more support as a CEO than working with TDR. They are smart, resourceful and have at all times supported LeasePlan to execute the right strategic decisions.”

Tex Gunning, Leaseplan CEO

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