Williams Scotsman ("WS") is the leading modular leasing and portable storage solutions provider in North America. With over 120 locations and a fleet of c. 160,000 modular space and portable storage units, WS serves a diverse range of end markets including construction, education, retail and healthcare, in the US, Canada and Mexico.


In November 2017 we completed a transaction spinning out Williams Scotsman from the wider Algeco Scotsman Group into a publicly listed vehicle. Since then WS has been trading on the NASDAQ as WillScot Corporation and TDR continues to manage a significant stake in the business. The transaction has provided WS with resources to drive the consolidation of the US modular space market as well as continue its strong organic growth trajectory.

What we've done

Since the spin out of Williams Scotsman, we have focused the business on driving further growth in Value Added Products ("VAPS") as well as advancing the consolidation of the US market through the completion of three accretive acquisitions.